Monday, May 12, 2014

Proud To Be An American

Lunch Reading: May 11-17, 2014

Falling In Love With America Again - I'm a big fan of the Heritage Foundation.  I used to work near their headquarters and very much enjoyed attending their lunch time policy discussions.  This is actually how I got the idea for the title of this blog.  Sometimes jobs can get a little mind-numbing, but I found exploring new things during my lunch hour breathed new life into my day and then started blogging about my adventures.  Now, I've settled on primarily writing about the books I'm reading.  I was struck by the title of this book by President Jim DeMint and decided to order it.  It seems as though we've gotten away from taking pride in our country.  Growing up on a military base, there were flags everywhere and everyday at a certain time the whole base would stop while they played the National Anthem.  It was awesome!  I'm hopeful that this book will give practical advice on how we can inspire that kind of love and respect for our country in the next generation. 

In My Spare Time
#ChildrenoftheDay - This is a amazing study on 1 and 2 Thessalonians.  Beth Moore really goes deep in this one.  Paul's letters are inspiring and so relevant to the issues that many of us are struggling with today.  I'm starting Week 5 and have been moved to tears several times.  Check out Lifeway Women All Access for great excerpts and video clips from the study.

Believing God: Day by Day - Okay, if it's not clear yet, I'm a Beth Moore fanatic.  Several of her books, and Priscilla Shirer's, have been life changing for me.  This book is a year-long, daily devotional that is modeled after the book, Believing God.  Ironically I received the devotional before I ever knew about the book.  After B&H Publishing offered many of Beth Moore's books for free in January, including Believing God, I remembered it and dug around to find it.  How it survived my many moves since I received it is beyond me.  The devotional has been instrumental in my daily struggle to believe God's promises.  Some days it feels like everything is going wrong.  When I wind down in my favorite reading chair at night, I pick this up to remind me that every day has a purpose that is part of His beautiful plan.

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